Hycast I-60 SIR

sirThe drain-free Hycast® I-60 SIR in-line filter system is the benchmark system for refining of molten aluminium in-line between the furnace and casting machine.

The Hycast® I-60 SIR is recognized by:

  • Effective removal of Hydrogen and inclusions. Patented refining concept. Especially important in areas with high humidity.
  • Drain free unit.
  • Few rotors and very low Argon consumption compared to alternatives.
  • Mechanical filtration system not required downstream Hycast I-60 SIR applied in extrusion ingot lines.
  • Exceptional low dross generation due to inert atmosphere.
  • Environmental and operator friendly. No use of chlorine necessary.
  • Flexible, quick and easy installation.
  • Technical support from Hycast casthouse technology specialists is readily available.

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