Vertical Casting Machine

cmvThe Hycast® CMV comprises of a vertical casting machine with a single acting internally guided hydraulic casting cylinder. The mould carriage system is supplied as a tilt frame on a fixed foundation, or a rollaway mould carriage system with or without an integrated tilt-frame.

Hycast® CMV – Characteristics and Results:

  • Founded on solutions proven to be successful in full-scale operation
  • Mould carriage tailor-made to customer-specific requirements
  • Mould carriage can be customized for extrusion ingot as well as rolling slab casting
  • State of the art internally guided stroke cylinder
  • Breakaway-torque limiter for cylinder guide protection
  • Easy access to critical components, e.g. torque limiter
  • Platen with open steel frame
  • HSE measures
    • Industry-proven safety system in an automated system
    • Hard-wiring of all safety systems
    • Anti-explosion coating of components inside casting pit
    • Mobile pit cover for safe access e.g. during pit stripping
    • Fall prevention railings around the pit area
    • Steam extraction system
    • Cylinder at full stroke at start of cast
  • Fully automated casting sequence obtainable when the Hycast® CMV is combined with the Hycast® GC Billet Casting System and Hycast® CCS

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