Hycast Casting Control System, CCS

ccsThe Hycast® CCS is a proven and standardised control system which ensures safe and fully automated control of casting centres for extrusion ingot, sheet ingot and foundry alloys.

The Hycast® CCS is recognized by:

  • Minimised operator exposure to molten metal.
  • Fully automated control of casting system including casting machine, casting tables (tooling), rod feeder and launder system.
  • Human-machine interface (HMI) system for safe and efficient operation of casting system.
  • Recipe system for optimal casting parameters.
  • Standardised safety philosophy for casting centres based on know-how gained from many years of experience within the field of aluminium casthouse operation.
  • Logging of process data and high performance trend tool.
  • Access to logged data from off site (e.g. from Hycast) can be offered, securing fast access to Hycast specialists and support.

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